The whistleblower system.

Die Lösung von HSP Rechtsanwälte für Ihre Sicherheit.

What is it about?

The EU Whistleblower Directive

Start date: December 17, 2021

Whistleblower protection system

Companies and federal, state, local governments (public sector legal entities)

Initially, the directive will be obligatory for companies with 250 employees or more. Starting in 2023 at the latest, it will additionally be mandated for medium-sized businesses employing 50 people or more. Business owners are therefore advised to start preparing their companies for the new standards in good time and thus build an exemplary compliance culture.


The whistleblower system

Web-based platform

WHISPER is a web-based whistleblowing platform.

Highest security standards

WHISPER meets high security standards and is protected by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Audited submissions

Submissions received through WHISPER are reviewed by attorneys-at-law and compliance officers.

Completely Anonymous

WHISPER offers whistleblowers complete anonymity and security.

Doubly Protected

WHISPER protects both employees and companies.

100% Compliant

WHISPER meets all legal requirements and creates an exemplary compliance culture.

Benefits for your company

Why you should use WHISPER


With WHISPER, you meet all legal requirements. EU states must integrate the directive into national law by December 17, 2021, by which time companies must have implemented its measures into their daily practices.


Directors, employees and companies will be protected from fines or imprisonment. Proactive action against violations is thus encouraged.


WHISPER can protect you from serious reputational damage caused by media scandals. Our whistleblower platform enables you to dig up potential issues internally, before anything goes public.


External reporting channels, such as authorities or the media, will only be notified if you do not use an internal reporting system, or do not take appropriate, timely action. With WHISPER, risks can be identified in good time.


With WHISPER, you proactively create a modern speak-up culture. WHISPER guarantees anonymity, so employees can make a report without the fear of being treated disadvantageously as a consequence. In this way, everyone has a chance to speak up without worry.

The process

of a submission to WHISPER

Misconduct within the company

Whistleblower makes an observation

Whistleblower anonymously reports their observation via WHISPER

Initial response within 48h

Initial check by compliance officer

Anonymous exchange with whistleblower via WHISPER

Internal investigation

Proposal for measures to be taken

Decision by management

Feedback to whistleblower via WHISPER

DSGVO compliant documentation via

Pricing models

For your company


189 €
/Month (net)

for companies with less than 250 employees


from 349 €
/Month (net)

for companies with more than 1.000 employees

Your contact person

Dr. Peter Wagesreiter, Partner



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